Slot Levers

ISSUE: Scores and payouts are difficult to see.

STATUS: Pending analysis

Internet Explorer Support

ISSUE: Game has issues when rendered in IE.

STATUS: Pending analysis

Multiple clicks gives multiple payouts

ISSUE: When a user click's on the lever multiple times, will give multiple payouts. Should only give one payout per spin.

STATUS: Resolved: Pending testing


ISSUE: Registering a new profile always gives password mismatch error

STATUS: Resolved: Pending testing

FEATURES Scheduled for next release

Slot lever animation

Sound. Need to be able to enable sound in login

Auto spin. Need to be able to turn on/off in game and enable in login lever animation

Vibration during disasters. Note that not all browsers and/or devices support vibration.

Update hall of zeros to show more information and collate information in different ways. Show number of car wrecks, etc. Show high scores for the logged in player. Show high scores for all sober players, all legal players, etc.

Social media integration (Facebook and twitter)

Please email me to report any issues or to request enhancements and/or feature changes!